Got a new skirt!!!

May I introduce to you, this is my lovely new skirt in style of retro. I bought it in a shop called Monki.When I first saw the skirt I knew it was love at first sight... even if  I´m broke there was this voice in my head that said: Buy it, buy it! 
A doctor would say now I am suffering from shopping addiction, but I  know it´s not true. I mean I can stop it anytime , but I don´t want to...Whatever got a new skirt: D


Laura said...

I like your skirt! This autumn Monki comes to my country, I can't wait.

Eri said...


Great blog!!! Loved your outifts!

I have a new fashion blog, would love you to have a look and be one of my followers :-)

See you soon.

Tangy Tidbits (Tina Tang Team) said...

Loving the skirt, and let me say I completely understand your reasoning for buying the skirt! It looks amazing on you!

Check out and follow if you'd like!

Sarah said...

Schöne Kombi!